Company Overview

About Bagaka Group

Widely introduced as a 100%, black women-owned advisory firm of top chartered accountants, and definitely a fact we pride ourselves in. Key to how our 100% black women owned advisory firm of top accountants champions your business, we are always more thrilled being introduced as the ‘The champions of big picture’

We were established and incorporated in South Africa in 2014, and while we value and celebrate “Black-owned”, “women-owned” and “top accountants”, there is more to our purpose for your business. Something more profound and not so obvious drives us to remain the top charted accountants which we have proven to be. It is a philosophy we call “The Business of Big picture”. A worldview and business approach promised to direct your business on a greater consciousness to a typical business advisory approach.

Developed by our advanced chattered accounting skills and knowledge, this worldview and business approach is premised on the understanding that:

Business does not take place in a vacuum, but in a broader societal context. Bagaka group believes that business and societal contexts are intersected variables in our approach, we believe that any business is naturally attached to certain broader societal setting and that relation of such imperatives for success extend beyond profitability to responsibility.

The societal context is dynamic and constantly changing. Our mission as top accountants is to ensure that organizations lead under our business advisory services are at all times in tune with the dynamic and constantly changing societal contexts. Such changes are inevitable and subsequently imperative that our client’s organizations adapt, so they may remain relevant and viable.

Getting the balance right in this big picture context requires a big picture mindset. We are not champions of the big picture because we are top chartered accountants, we are top accountants because we are champions of the big picture. The right big-picture mindset is required to champion a big picture approach for your organization, a philosophy of which Bagaka group is determined to lead.

We have to aspire to be leading business advisors in spaces where we are active. Big picture’ is a mindset we have set ourselves to champion, and because of this and to this end.

Our solutions are informed by global insights, customized to local conditions. In order to advice effective big picture business solutions for our clients, we take a global outlook on our client’s need and customize the insights to suit our client’s local context. This way a broad mindset is applied and our client’s organizations access broader solutions that are concurrently relevant to their locality.

Our approach is holistic and correspondingly delivers holistic results. For the reason that we are a big picture top accountant advisory firm, we provide global customary approaches which are in nature holistic and yield holistic results.