Training and Development

Training and Development

Bagaka Learning Academy is an accredited skills development provider with the Services SETA under provider accreditation code number 14083. We are accredited to provide two full qualifications:

Business Administration Services ( SAQA ID 61595 ) New Venture Creation ( SAQA ID 66249 )

The above qualification allow us to provide multi-level training from start-ups through to large corporates, covering a wide array of subjects including but not limited to:

1. Start-up training

2. Risk workshops

3. Governance training and board and/or audit committee inductions

4. Compliance training

5. Controls and Risk assessments

6. Supply chain and contract management

7. Financial Processes and Financial Reporting

8. Taxation (ITC, PAYE, VAT, etc)

9. Accounting (including IFRS, IFRS for SME and GRAP)

10. Financial reporting for Schools and Non-Profit Organisations

Our training programs are designed to meet our clients’ needs and deliver in methods that are impactful and digestible. These can range from one-hour masterclass sessions to annual interventions programs with mentorship, progress monitoring and feedback.

What are your training needs? Let us help you design a sustainable solution today.