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Public Sector

Due to its very nature, organisations in the public sector have a unique set of challenges requiring a unique set of capabilities and expertise. We leverage our sector specific experience possessed by some of our professionals in helping clients in state owned enterprises, local, provincial and national government organisations deliver on their wide-varying mandates.   In line with our values of co-creation and building for the long term, our intervention don’t stop with recommendations. We support clients with full solution implementation.

Large Corporates

In the fiercely competitive global landscape, the need for continual alignment stretches across a number of variables for large corporations. With decision tensions ranging from globalising vs localising to compliance vs choice, profitability vs responsibility, to mention a few scenarios, complexity only increases.   Our value lies in globally tested and locally relevant insights that enable large multinationals to make informed and viable strategic and day-to-day decisions. For sustainable impact, we partner with clients for the long term, not just for the project at hand.

SME Sector

Finesse and agility are key success ingredients for small and medium size businesses as they transition through various stages of growth. From establishing sound internal systems and processes to accessing markets, growth capital and other key resources, we leverage our industry based insights, creativity and a responsive approach in supporting each business through its unique journey of growth.   Our solutions are tailored to the stage of growth our clients are in and are, most importantly, informed by their strategic intent.

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